#AI Meets DAOs

AI Assistant for DAO Folks

ROBIN helps you understand your community better, as a
community manager or member. Get insights, updates and
connections to leverage your community better

So simple that anyone can use it now.

ROBIN comes as an extension which can be launched on any website. It reads the context and provides you with solutions.
Launch ROBIN
On supported websites for now, for all websites soon.
Select Questions
From Pre-defined questions that you deal with in DAOs.
Watch the magic unfold as ROBIN gives you actionable insights.

Hey ROBIN, help me vote on the latest proposal.

ROBIN analyzed everything that you would analyze as a human being to make informed decision
Past and present forum discussions
Voting sentiments like who, why etc?
Proposal structure effectiveness

Explore Varied Use-Cases, in minutes.

ROBIN has been developed to handle questions that you ask yourself 100 times while operating in a DAO.
Treasury Insights

Hey ROBIN, Comment on our treasury health.

Vertical wise expenses, impact of token price on treasury, contract analysis, risk exposure and everything else that a human being would evaluate.
Discussion Forums

Hey ROBIN help me catchup on stuff that happened during my vacation.

Number of posts, likely proposals, community sentiments, conversation around topics that are of interest to you, popular proposals and everything else in motion.
DAO Operations and Structure

Hey Robin, compare strategy A vs Strategy B.

Interpreting strategies, identifying impact and co-relations, analyzing historical discussions, gauging sentiment of community, analyzing available case studies to help you with a crisp comparision.

Works across Websites so that you don't have to work extra for help.

Since ROBIN is built for DAO lovers, we work with the most obvious DAO tools. Just launch our extensions and go go go!

Join 100s of contributors and admins to simplify the chaos that DAOs are :)

ROBIN AI has been a game-changer for our DAO community. It helps us stay organized and informed while simplifying complex decision-making processes. I highly recommend it!
Lara Cochrane
DAO Community Manager
Thanks to ROBIN AI, our community can now compare strategies and proposals easily. The platform is intuitive, easy-to-use, and has helped us make better decisions overall. Highly recommended
Eric Brandt
Community Manager
As someone who's new to the world of DAOs, I was intimidated by the complexity of the process. But Robin AI made everything so simple and straightforward, guiding me through every step of the way and giving me the confidence to participate fully in our community.
Frank Nicholls
DAO Contributor